Traffic Violations


With very few exceptions, all of us are involved in traffic cases or charges at some point in our lives; it may be individually or through a member of our family or friends. Regardless of the severity of the charge, Hutchens & Hutchens is here to legally represent you efficiently, effectively, and at a reasonable cost. If you have any doubt give us a call and compare.

 Such charges can include speeding, perhaps caused by inattention, being late for an appointment, work, or a multitude of other reasons. Sometimes there are mechanical problems with the vehicle, unbeknownst to you.

Traffic Charges

 There are many other traffic charges in the Virginia Statutory Code. Following too close, failure to stop when legally required, failure to yield, and lots more. Hutchens & Hutchens is here to help. Most minor traffic cases, speeding etc., can be handled without your presence in court, especially if you live in another state.

 This is not the time to attempt solo flight – get a real pilot to fly the legal flight path, call Hutchens & Hutchens. We are here, we are reasonable, and most importantly, we care.